Jewelry Care

Jewelry Care

Taking proper care of your jewelry ensures longevity sustains their shine.

We have compiled a simple yet basic jewelry care regime here to guide you about how to make your jewelry pieces last for years like new.

Please Note: Cassie Brie Jewelry is Gold Plated with an 18K gold solution.

  • Removal before activities: Please remove your rings, earrings, necklaces, and other jewelry items before working out, swimming.
  • Avoid exposure to water: Avoid letting your jewelry come in contact with water as it affects the shine of the gold plated jewelry.
  • Avoid exposure to perfumes: Perfumes are made of harsh chemicals that may damage the shine and metal of the jewelry.
  • Avoid exposure to toiletries/cosmetics: Toiletries like lotions, shampoos, soaps, creams, or other cosmetics may affect the jewelry’s color and quality. It is best to remove your jewelry before applying these cosmetics.
  • Store in boxes or zip lock bags: It is best to store your jewelry in boxes or a hard fabric bag or zip lock pouch to avoid discloration
  • Clean occasionally: To clean your jewelry use non-alcoholic jewelry cleaners or simply a dry cloth to remove the skin oils build-up, dust, or any other accumulation within the jewelry curves and holes to restore their shine. Please avoid chemical-based cleaners.
  • Avoid leaving in sunlight: Sunlight exposure can damage the color of the jewelry.
  • Keep changing your jewelry: It is better to wear your jewelry on rotation and enjoy exchanging jewelry items every day.

Disclaimer: Every skin releases certain oils. These oils can cause discoloration to jewelry over prolonged use. In such a case, Cassie Brie Jewelry is not responsible for any discoloration or damage to the jewelry.